The bug inside Apple’s IMESSAGE text system has caused aggravation and disappointment to many, numerous users, thus has this been repaired with the IOS 7.1 software update?

Launched at Apple’s Globally Developers Meeting in 2011 the Apple IMESSAGE function was meant to be a smart way of keeping within contact with family, buddies or work associates for free using WiFi or even 3G – free of charge providing each the sending as well as receiving products are Apple devices.

When the receiving set up is a no Apple device next the message will probably be sent like a normal SMS (text), Apple offers cleverly separated between the 2 and IMESSAGES are usually colored azure whilst SMS tend to be colored green.

Sadly the IMESSAGE system has been suffering from iphone problems given that the IOS 7 software update with consumers reporting imperfections such as messages getting delivered really late, not sent in any way with the sender obtaining an alert stating “message not sent” with a great exclamation point!

Some other glitches to appear to light consist of IMESSAGE just halts functioning entirely or in which the time out perform fails leading to sent messages showing to just dangle in limbo, nor sent or otherwise sent, merely remaining permanently in the condition of “send”.

A temporary fix for it was often to swap off the device and swap it again on again; however, this was found to become very momentary with the problem heading back in time for the following IMESSAGE attempt.

Apple had been well aware of the difficulty, intending to fix the bug with the software update to IOS 7, this kind of statement premiered to the Wall Street Journal mcfol:

We are mindful of an issue in which affects a portion of a % of our IMESSAGE consumers, and we will possess a fix available in a future software update,” Apple stated in an assertion. “In the meantime, all of us encourage virtually any users having troubles to reference the troubleshooting files or contact APPLECARE to aid resolves their particular issue. We say i’m sorry for any hassle this causes afflicted users.

Regrettably users remained as reporting difficulties after upgrading their operating system to IOS 7.Drive so there had been many positive Apple device entrepreneurs waiting for the appearance of IOS 7.1 in the desire that this moment the IMESSAGE bug fix would work for these.

Turn IMESSAGE off as well as on again

Proceed to Settings > Messages > turn IMESSAGE change to off (white), hold out for a minute approximately then flip IMESSAGE switch to on (green). IMESSAGE need to now re-activate

Reset your IPAD

Push and keep the Home Button and the Sleep/Wake Button at the same time until your system switches off after that hold the Power Button right up until it buttons back on once more.

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