Interesting Variations for Your Walls

Interesting Variations for Your Walls

So far in designing the house, office, retail, the most comfortable choice to finishing the wall is to paint the walls with wall paint. In fact other than that option there are several different variations that you can apply to the wall in your office, residence, apartment, shop, or restaurant. Here are some opportunities to make the wall look beautiful and attractive with a variety of wallpaper, borders, and wall decals.


Wallpapers are the most practical and comfortable choice to create an attractive look on the walls of your room. But the disadvantage is at the time of replacement wallpaper, a paper that is difficult to peel and take a long time to clean it can make you lazy to change your wallpaper. This will not happen again if you use wallpaper with strippable paper that can be peeled off easily. Simply pulled from the tip of the paper, then the wallpaper will peel off, a thin layer of paper left behind can be removed with soap and water. if you want more info about wallpaper just visit here this link omdimas.

Do not just limit the options on ordinary wallpapers; there are many choices of wallpapers such as cloth, damasks (fabric with woven patterns), or wallpaper with natural materials that have a texture and add a warm impression to your room.


If you are still hesitant to use wallpaper in the whole room, you can try first using borders. Border only elongated shape and not as big as wallpaper, border usually shaped like edge. Like wallpaper, choose borders that are easy to peel off if you want to replace them. An excess border is easier in installation and cheaper when compared to wallpaper for all your room.

Wall Decals

Wall Decals or better known as stickers is one of the variations that can be applied to the wall in your home. Easy installation, the wide variety of images, and low price into excess wall decals. You can easily replace and create a new look on the walls of your house or apartment.

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