Inspire Halloween Decorations for Your Home

Inspire Halloween Decorations for Your Home

Halloween, a one-year party that falls in late October, may not be celebrated for some people in Indonesia. Unlike the people living abroad, Halloween is a mandatory celebration each year that is always celebrated with full preparation and unique decoration. For those of you who want to keep celebrating the following, there are some inspiration Halloween decorations that you can apply for small parties in your home. Trick or Treat!

Jack O’Lanterns

Pumpkin carved with a scary face then filled with light to make it look lit up, Jack O’Lanterns is a mandatory decoration for your Halloween party. You can get a small to large pumpkin in a supermarket near your home. How to carve it, first cut the top of the flask to remove the contents, then one side of the pumpkin carved eyes and mouth holes, use a carving knife to get maximum results. When finished carving, fill in the empty flask with a small candle or lamp. Viola! Jack O’Lanterns is ready to welcome your guests!


Halloween party incomplete without a lot of snacks with a spooky theme. You can buy snacks at the supermarket and put them in a basket for the little ones. For adult guests, provide snacks such as cakes and cupcakes with a spooky theme like the example above.


Use a minimum of lights, replace the atmosphere in your home using fake candles decorated with fake blood, the chosen wax should be an old theme, choose a candle that also has many details and looks old-fashioned. Make your house dimly lit to add a creepy impression.


To brighten up your party, ask the guests who come in with unique costumes that fit Halloween. Add creepy music for your party to show up. Happy Halloween!


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