How To Alleviate The Hassle Of Hives

How To Alleviate The Hassle Of Hives

Is it ever understood to exclaim, when one thing causes you too much annoyance “Does it make me urticaria”? This statement, almost in common use, inevitably brings us back to what hives is, that is, an annoying pathology that affects the skin.

Suddenly our epidermis is filled with itchy ounces that do not give us respite. Unbearable itching and unsightly and annoying red spots.

The causes of urticaria, for the most part – tahini! – (Exactly, who writes has been suffering from this pathology for almost two years!) Are unknown. Exactly as it appears, one day, without any reason, it could go away and never reappear.

The excessive release of histamine then generates these eruptions that are not pleasant to see, nor to bear.

There are some fundamental elements that can trigger it: among the main causes I can certainly point out food allergies, from contact or drugs, but also the bites of insects and mosquitoes and emotional stress.

Among other things, statistically speaking, about 20-40% of people, at least once in their life will find themselves dealing with this annoying pathology. As a rule, however, in most cases, the phenomenon should fall asleep after a couple of days, always if obviously we are facing a case of acute urticaria; if however, for our misfortune, the phenomenon persists beyond six weeks, we are sadly talking about chronic urticaria.

So how do we do if one morning we wake up covered with itchy owls?


  • To relieve the itching, surely the first thing to do is to take antihistamines, which will “block” the release of the histamine. Be careful, however, if you are doing activities that require special concentration; in this case, I remind you that the antihistamine causes drowsiness.
  • Also, I advise you to take cold baths or rub an ice cube on the promo, as the cold, contracting the blood vessels, does not allow the secretion of the histamine. Therefore I advise against the hot water because as you well understand, it will produce exactly the opposite effect.
  • If instead, you have light and small measures, I recommend a hydrocortisone cream to apply to the affected area to relieve itching.
  • Unfortunately, to understand what can provoke it, one must begin to become “investigators” of one’s body. Once the cause has been identified, in addition to avoiding it, we can tackle it by immediately taking an antihistamine.
    Sometimes, for example, the excessive accumulation of stress, can provoke reactions of this kind, and in these cases, I suggest you try to “listen” to your body and try to understand what are the causes that generate in you more anxiety or you can learn from this website musikji.
  • I advise you, however, to undergo tests for allergic tests and food intolerances, as many foods contribute to raising the level of histamine in our body. Next, I leave a list of foods to avoid, when the urticaria should show up.

They are not recommended: tomatoes, chocolate, dried fruit, strawberries, crustaceans, legumes, eggs, cheese (only the seasoned and semi-seasoned ones).

If the urticaria persists for more than a week, the last important advice is to investigate in depth, because, even a badly treated tooth, or a thyroid problem, can lead to the appearance of this unbearable pathology.

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