5 Things You Should not Purchase by Selling Payments

5 Things You Should not Purchase by Selling Payments

Installment can be very useful for large purchases such as home or education. Saving for these two things may be difficult for many people because of the increasingly expensive price.

Home and education is a future investment. Unfortunately, repayment facilities are often used to buy consumer goods.

Here are five things promo alfamart that should not be purchased by installments such as hargapromosupermarket.com :

1. Vacation

Traveling or vacation has become a lifestyle. If used to travel abroad is considered expensive, now it is much cheaper way. But that does not mean we are forced to vacation myself to add photos on Instagram, but the condition of the wallet is mediocre promo alfamidi.

We should not be stuck in debt for fun reasons. Vacation is actually a need that is not too urgent.

If you do not have money, then we must save instead of installments. Holiday will be more fun if we are not burdened with the pile of debt after returning home.

2. Marriage

In Indonesia, the wedding party inviting hundreds of people has become a culture. Certainly the cost is very large even reach hundreds of millions. Often an all-out party owes its debt, even to the point of pounding a wedding ring.

Marriage is important. But that does not mean we must be willing to get in debt to entertain strangers. The real life begins when the party ends promo carrefour. Will not you start a new life with debt?

Electronic Goods

3. Buying electronic goods

Tech-lovers will want to have the latest smart phones, large-screen LED TVs, or the latest advanced cameras also promo giant. Unfortunately, these items are expensive so many people can not buy them in cash. But because the desire to have a large, credit card installments were chosen.

In fact, electronic goods are depreciating quite rapidly. Just changed the month alone, the price could drop hundreds of thousands. If you buy in installments, it means paying expensive for an item whose price is decreasing.

4. Shopping clothes

Shopping clothes can be an addiction for many people. Especially when approaching Lebaran as now.

If electronic goods can still be sold even if the price drops, clothes rather difficult to sell. Unless the clothing purchased is really branded.

Buy gifts

5. Giving rewards

Giving a gift with the intention to please a friend or family is a good intention. But if you buy it in installments, this is not a wise move promo indomaret.

Pay gift with cash. If you can not afford, it means you can not afford to buy the gift and choose a cheaper one. A good gift does not have to be expensive. We can still please other people without having to miserable ourselves.

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